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Where the streets are what name?

Severn Avenue, Monroe Street, Revell Street, Randall Street. What do they all have in common? They are all street names located in just one Annapolis community – do you know where? Eastport and the historic district are not the answer.

Confused? Step back in time to January 1951, when West Annapolis – along with Homewood, Parole, and Eastport – was annexed into the city of Annapolis. After the annexation, the area of West Annapolis had to change several street names that duplicated names already in the city of Annapolis. Melvin Avenue was originally Severn Avenue, Shiley Street originally Monroe Street, Ridgely Avenue originally Revell Street, and Tucker Street was originally Randall Street.

And can you imagine, this was a time in which Rowe Boulevard did not exist and access in and out of the city was by way of West Street? Also around this time, after running since 1887, the Annapolis and Baltimore Short Line Railroad – that ran parallel to Giddings Avenue – discontinued service.

The Village of West Annapolis has long remained a thriving and active community, offering a variety of locally owned restaurants, shops, and services. The community also boasts many beautiful homes – take a look at a few of them that are for sale.

Make sure to stop in and support the local businesses while you are in the Village of West Annapolis!

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